Breastfeeding-Friendly Clothing With

Fashion, Function & Class

We are all about being current and allowing you to rediscover who you are now as a mum. Our core mission is to adorn nursing mums in clothing that allows them to celebrate their new body alongside feeling fashionable and as close as they can to their old selves-if not a little better.
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Being able to nurse in public, at an event or just around home while still feeling fashionable is the aim of every one of our garments. Each garment is designed with function at its heart. We want you to look and feel good as well as give you confidence to breastfeed your little one.
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Our garments can be dressed up or down to cater for the busy life of a mum. We use colours and styles that can be washed and worn again and again whether it’s a mad dash into town, meeting up with friends at the park or attending a formal event. You breastfeeding mum’s might just be the best dressed in the room and as classy as the bride herself!

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