Meeting Albie is like meeting your sassy best friend...
About Us

She understands what you are going through and she wants to make sure you know you're never alone. She is the friend who tells you that you look fabulous, encourages you to live your best life and hands you their last wet wipe to clean that sick off your shoulder. She’s in it for the journey, to help you feel both grounded and beautiful and she will never judge you as you learn and grow.

Her top priority is always to remind you that you are worthy and should celebrate life at every stage.

The Albie Nursing Attire Story...

Hi, I’m Laura- Owner and Designer of Albie Nursing Attire. I have completed a Diploma of Fashion Design, Bachelor of Fashion Design and have worked in NZ workrooms as well as taught High School students the fun (also stressful) art of patternmaking and sewing.

After having my 1st son Elijah at the end of 2017 I was at a complete loss as to how to dress like ‘me’ as well as easily and discreetly be able to breastfeed my extremely hungry, well overtired little boy. It was from this that the dream to create a range of clothing that would meet this need perfectly came about.

As the designer of Albie Nursing Attire I believe you shouldn’t have to change your style just because you are a breastfeeding mum. All of the designs are carefully thought about to ensure they are the perfect mix of fashion, function and class. I design, pattern make and sample (many times) each design from my home studio. They then make their way to our NZ based factories in Tauranga and Auckland or to our factory offshore, where the bulk is cut and sewn up. They then head back to me where I package each one of them up for you (between the slowly disappearing nap times of our 2nd baby-Violet).

I really hope you love your Albie items as much as I have loved creating them for you!

Laura xx