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Albie Nursing Attire

So you have just birthed a new life into the world, overnight you have become a milk making machine, you’re sleep deprived and wondering if endless frozen lasagne’s are a stable diet. Then old Susan over here decides to get married, your boss would like to pop in and pay his respects to the dear innocent child and all those mums at coffee group just seem to have it all together… and then there is you, over here, with nothing to wear… Albie Nursing Attire was created with you in mind!

Albie Nursing Attire was a dream thought up over many sleep deprived nights and too much coffee. At 3am on a random March morning… we thought “hey, why can’t the breastfeeding mum be the best dressed in the room”?! (even with a few milk splashes and dribble patches). Our focus is on Fashion, Function and Class, with each garment able to be dressed up or down and used to discreetly breastfeed while out in public.

All of our garments are designed (mostly during slowly disappearing nap times) and made here in New Zealand workrooms, due to this we have limited garments in each style and size. We have launched with a collection of 13 different garments and plan to add to this with new styles and colours every few months.

We really hope you enjoy wearing your Albie Nursing Attire and even on those days where your eyeballs feel they are ready to fall out, you will still have something to make you feel fashionable and quite possibly the best dressed in the room.

Laura xx

Fashion, Function & Class

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