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So you have just birthed a new life into the world, overnight you have become a milk making machine, you’re sleep deprived and wondering if endless frozen lasagne’s are a stable diet. Then old Susan over here decides to get married, your boss would like to pop in and pay his respects to the dear innocent child and all those mums at coffee group just seem to have it all together… and then there is you, over here, with nothing to wear… Albie Nursing Attire was created with you in mind!


I, Laura- Owner and Designer of Albie Nursing Attire completed a Diploma of Fashion Design, Bachelor of Fashion Design and have worked in NZ workrooms as well as taught High School students the fun (also stressful) art of patternmaking and sewing.

After having my 1st son Elijah at the end of 2017 I was at a complete loss as to how to dress like ‘me’ as well as easily and discreetly be able to breastfeed my extremely hungry, well overtired little boy. It was from this that the dream to create a range of clothing that would meet this need perfectly came about.

As the designer of Albie Nursing Attire I believe you shouldn’t have to change your style just because you are a breastfeeding mum. All of the designs are carefully thought about to ensure they are the perfect mix of fashion, function and class. I personally design, pattern make and sample (many times) each design from my home studio. They then make their way to our NZ based factories in Tauranga and Auckland where the bulk is cut and sewn up. They then head back to me where I check them over and package each one of them for you!

Albie Nursing Attire turns 1 this November- I could have literally only dreamt this would still be growing and thriving a year on! It's due to the many wonderful loyal customers as well as friends and family behind the scenes who freely offer their support and time to make Albie the success that it is today!

We are super proud to be a boutique brand designed and made here in New Zealand launching our third collection this summer titled ‘My boy Lollipop’ – I really hope you love it as much as I have loved creating it for you! 

Laura xx

Fashion, Function & Class

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